Zebras Crossing

I’ve read quite a few photography books and they all say: “think about what you are going to photograph before you go to photograph it“. It’s good advice and I always try to imagine how a picture is going to look before I even pick up my camera. Doing things this way requires a lot of research on the subject or location of the photograph so before I went to Botswana in 2010 I did quite a bit of research on what I was likely to see at each location and tried to visualise the end result before I was there. I had seen a photo in one of my wildlife photography books of a group of Zebra all bunched up and you couldn’t really tell one from the other, I then thought it would be wonderful if I could capture a symmetry or order in the chaos of random lines.

With all that in mind I had an idea to photograph Zebra all lined up facing the camera and two days before the end of my trip at Xarrana in the Okavango Delta I got my chance, the driver wasn’t going to stop as Zebra are two a penny out there but he did and after a few minutes of the Zebra slowly rearranging themselves I took this.

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