Yacht Crew Employment Agreement

You will find an open source crew contract, a confidentiality agreement and a job description in WMG Sample Documents for Yacht Crew Employment At least the written statement must cover: 1. The name of the employer and the worker. 2. The date the job started. 3. Compensation payable and payment periods. 4. Hours of work. 5. Straight for leave. 6.

Any right to sick leave, including the right to sick pay. 7. Pension contributions or pension plans. 8. The terms of termination. 9. A professional title and/or a brief description of the position. 10.

If the employment is not permanent, the period for which employment should continue or, if it is a fixed term, the end date of employment is maintained. 11) either the workplace or, if the worker is to or can work in more than one location, indicating the likely location) and the employer`s address. 12. The details of the existence of relevant collective agreements that have a direct impact on the worker`s terms of employment, including, where the employer is not a party, the persons who entered into them. If a worker is normally employed in the United Kingdom but must work abroad for more than one month for the same employer, the declaration must also include: – The period for which the foreign employment must last – The currency in which the worker is to be paid – Wages or additional benefits – Conditions related to the repatriation of the worker There is no specific requirement for any of the above conditions to be included in the employment contract. However, if one of the above conditions is not part of the contract, the exclusion of the clause in question must be determined by an appropriate specific statement, z.B if that employment contract is not entitled to pension. The statement must also include a reference detailing the employer`s disciplinary and appeal procedures (discussed at a later date) and whether or not a “pension termination certificate” is in effect for the job in question. All sailors are entitled to fair terms of employment You can now search for business listings, marinas, articles, events and more, all of which have the search bar. We have completely overhauled our search engine to provide accurate and relevant results for you most niche requirements. A little caviar? A new yacht blob? Get him in! 11. Responsibility11.1.

The Company disclaims any responsibility for costs related to maintenance, recruitment, accommodation, recruitment, termination, repatriation or any other cost related to crew participation. All of the debts mentioned above are the responsibility of the client.11.2. Customer:11.2.1. has absolute discretion in terms of the crew member`s employment or commitment11.2.2. is responsible for all acts and omissions of the crew member11.2.3. is responsible for any remuneration or royalties payable to the crew member. 11.3. The company will not be liable in any way for losses, expenses, damages, delays, costs or compensation (direct, indirect or logical) that may be borne by the employer through a crew member.

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