White Tailed Eagle

The 4th largest bird of prey on the planet, the White Tailed Eagle was reintroduced to Scotland in 1975 where they continue to breed successfully.

We boarded the Lady Jayne at the Ulva Ferry crossing and sailed to Loch Na Keal. We were fortunate enough to see both male and female birds who came down to pluck fish from the water right beside the boat not once but five times! I took many photos often saturating the write buffer of my camera (Canon EOS 7D) as the birds swooped down a few metres from the boat. It was an amazing experience and although some people frown upon the feeding of wild animals this practice is strictly regulated by the RSPB who condone it because it helps the small population of birds during the breeding season and is likely to encourage healthy strong offspring who will go on to breed themselves while also honing their hunting skills.

I took a few hundred photos and this is one of my favourites. I captured this using a Sigma 50-500mm lens and a Canon EOS 7D.

This trip is a wonderful experience. If you go to Mull don’t miss out. You can find more information on the boat trips available here.

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