Washington Post Mexico Agreement

The agreement is the first to “implement enforceable labor standards,” which include inspections of suspicious production sites in Mexico, he said. Update: Mexico responded to the document and indicated that there was some kind of agreement on what could be triggered in the future. Pompeo said Monday that the U.S. could still impose tariffs on Mexico if it doesn`t move toward controlling illegal immigration, noting that the deal was more important than previous talks with Mexico. “This is the best trade deal in history,” Lighthizer said. “It`s something that will enrich North America. It`s going to enrich America. It`s going to enrich Canada, and it`s going to make Mexico richer. 2. The document clearly deals with a kind of “burden-sharing” involving “refugees.” The prevailing wisdom is that Trump, in invoking a secret agreement, may have referred to some kind of pact with asylum rules, perhaps a “safe third country agreement” in which Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States would be detained in Mexico while their claims were processed. (This is a controversial topic in Mexico, and the Mexican government has rejected such an agreement.) It seems that this is the case in this document. We do not generally refer to asylum seekers as “refugees,” but the concept is similar. The section on how “each party would accept the restitution and treatment of the refugee status of third-country nationals who have crossed the territory of that party” is very much like some sort of “safe third party” agreement.

And the treaty, known as USMCA, creates a sophisticated dispute resolution mechanism, with panels of three independent experts. While the system is designed to resolve labour disputes, it can be used for other problems, Seade said. Mexican government officials said next month`s meeting was primarily aimed at promoting the new trade agreement. MEXICO CITY – Mexico was the first country to ratify the new North American free trade agreement on Wednesday, with its Senate voting overwhelmingly in favor of updating the rules of one of the world`s largest trading blocs. The new agreement is essentially an updated version of NAFTA. Among the changes is the requirement to produce more components for cars in the three countries, and a provision that about 40 percent of each vehicle is produced by workers who earn at least $16 an hour. Canadian officials welcomed many of the changes to the new agreement, including the abolition of the provision that would have extended patent protection for organic products.

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