Uwinnipeg Aeses Collective Agreement

Many workers are also protected from discrimination by their union collective agreements. Supervisor training and support for collective agreements, human rights laws, labour standards Interpretation of collective agreements and policies, recruitment process, working conditions The main responsibility of the faculty association is to address issues related to the negotiation and application of collective agreements. In addition to collective agreements, the association also has responsibilities under certain statutes, such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and may represent the rights of our members through other laws, such as the Human Rights Act. Some areas of policy and management are legitimate responsibility of the university, but are not covered by collective agreements. , or are covered only indirectly (for example. B, our appeal procedure would deal with disciplinary action arising from an area that is not part of a collective agreement). If you doubt that a subject falls within the association`s jurisdiction, ask the association`s director general for clarification. Collective Agreement AESES 2015 – 2019 (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) AESES Payroll Plan There are a multitude of initiatives being proposed through the Aboriginal Student Services Centre to help recruit and retain Aboriginal students. For example, the Transition Studies Program (TYP) was created to help new Aboriginal students develop academic and personal skills that will support post-secondary success.

The type coordinator assists future Aboriginal students in the application process. The University of Winnipeg Faculty Association (UWFA) was certified in 1981 by the Manitoba Labour Board as a representative of lecturers, teachers, college professors and librarians at the University of Winnipeg. In 2006, this faculty was expanded to the Faculty of Contracts (CF). The association now consists of three bargaining units: the regular academic staff unit (formerly the main unit, which includes teachers, librarians and trainers), the Collegiate Instructors (Collegiate Instructors) and the Contract Faculty Unit (members hired to teach by course). The UWFA recommends that its members become familiar with the following sections of the collective agreement, which are subdivided into units: organization of faculty associations of Manitoba (MOFA), which represents faculty associations at the University of Winnipeg, the University of Manitoba, St. Boniface University College and Brandon University. MOFA engages in political action and lobbying on a number of issues related to post-secondary education and faculty rights. Fees: the association currently contributes about 22%, or about $81,000, of the total membership dues to the CAUT, NUCAUT and the CAUT Defence Fund per year. About 30% of this amount will go to the CAUT Defence Fund. Employment justice policy; A comprehensive investment program is developed, if you have any questions about your collective agreement, please contact Lisa McGifford.

The Indigenous Summer Scholars Program (ISSP) is a response to the strategic indigenization policy established by the University of Winnipeg (UW) in 2016: welcoming Aboriginal students, Aboriginal knowledge methods and knowledge, and increasing the number of Aboriginal faculty members. The PSI is organized by the UW`s Faculty of Graduate Studies and invites undergraduate students and graduates who identify as Aboriginal peoples of Canada to participate in projects with UW researchers.

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