Tbbt The Agreement Dissection

Sheldon: If Leonard doesn`t sign the new deal within 41 seconds, this computer will send an email to your parents in India saying you`re in a secret relationship with the whiter flaum than the Leonard Hofstadter marshmallow. My roommate deal with Leonard has been cancelled for the most part, which makes me uncomfortable with life in this apartment. Just as Leonard and Priya arrive in the kitchen, Sheldon wants to charge him with violating the roommate`s agreement. But as a lawyer, Priya first wants to hear the points and inspect the deal in silence. She quickly finds discharge points and cuts the grass under his foot. Leonard is in the shower when Sheldon comes in and has to go to the bathroom. But just as he lifts the lid, Priya lets him know that she is also in the shower. Sheldon is shocked because his roommate agreement doesn`t allow for such a thing. In his distress, he knocks on Penny`s door to go.

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