Security Ea Agreement

Cisco continues to grow its security portfolio through organic development and acquisitions. This creates for customers a vast package of products that manages the many security challenges we face today. However, each product comes with the challenge of understanding its licensing scheme, managing supply scope, acquisition, and lifecycle management. Cisco Security Enterprise Agreements have been specifically designed to address these challenges while reducing the cost of maintaining these platforms. The Cisco Enterprise Agreement simplifies license management by consolidating the many subscriptions and renewal dates normally required to manage enterprise-wide software licenses into a single agreement with uniform terms. You can now enter into a Cisco Enterprise Agreement that meets your business needs and then extend them with the same agreement. With our Security Choice agreement, you can purchase two or more security products with all the benefits of the Cisco Purchase Program. Don`t worry about All-you-can-eat, just prepare what you need now and add more products at any time in the future. As you can see above, it would be difficult to combine all of this into one chord, as they are consumed and the fact that they usually have different teams responsible for each stack. This complicates consolidation. Optimize security management with a single agreement for your entire security. Everything is on one portal, with all licenses running simultaneously.

● Easy to Buy: Customers get a unique agreement, duration, and workspace for license management Cisco`s security purchase program makes it easy to order and deliver our security products and help you get the most out of your security investment. The new Cisco SecureX platform combines integration, automation, and simplicity to unify your security processes. Simply put, the more products you use, the more correlation and automation benefits you get. Our all-in agreement, also known as the Enterprise License Agreement (ELA), makes it easier and cheaper to purchase the right security technology. For a single price, we give you “all you can eat” access to our entire portfolio of security products. It`s a real value. With an agreement that provides immediate access to Cisco`s entire portfolio of security products, you can immediately enable the security you need without having to go through it. Enjoy a simplified and predictable approach to software purchase with a single 3- or 5-year contract. “The Cisco Enterprise Agreement has allowed us to be very agile. This is the way we can make our centers safe for the future and be able to be flexible and flexible to make adjustments, as we need them and as our industry evolves. A Cisco Enterprise Agreement is a contract that covers all software in this technology sector within the Cisco portfolio.

Simply put, if you use a lot of Cisco WebEx and collaboration, there`s a Cisco EA for that. If you have a lot of Cisco firewalls, there`s a separate EA for security. The company agreement is either a 3-year option or a 5-year option. A global healthcare company faced the challenge of organizing its license, modernizing its security footprint, and creating a global synergy between the team to ensure consistency in policy and execution. Many employees have spent a lot of time sorting through licenses and going through lengthy purchasing processes. The status of licensing has also raised serious concerns. We do not charge retroactively, even if you use more software than the original agreement allows….

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