Sears Tire Road Hazard Plus Agreement

So I went to Sears after I picked up my car from the garage, and I talked to a salesman, and he said more or less, “Too bad, ma`am, we`re not doing anything for you.” I explained to him the problems I had with the last seller, and he told me that he had been fired. I showed him all my warranty papers that this was the second set of tires in 16 months. He said, “Well, your car is not in the lineup,” and I told him that they were the ones guiding him. Then he went further and contradicted everything he told me and called me a ` and told me he couldn`t do anything, maybe you can give me a discount on a tire and I smoked. He told me that the guy who sold me the previous tires should have known he wouldn`t sell them because they were known to have farted on my type of car, and he told me that he had been fired for too many mistakes. New tires, brakes and alignment needed for my car. The store didn`t have the tires I wanted, so I bought new tires elsewhere, but they didn`t unscrew the cars. I wanted to use my Sears card to put my new tires on at Sears Auto Center. While my tires were off, they wanted to put my new brakes (I had already bought them at the auto parts shop) and have my car lined up. But they told me that if I wasn`t going to buy them, they wouldn`t put them on. You said it was Sears policy. I don`t understand why, because I bought my brakes in the same place they probably would have bought them. I wonder if it`s because Sears wanted to charge me to brake.

This service is unhappy for me because I have been a good longtime customer of Sears Gold MasterCard for some time. Ronald Sexton`s story is an important reminder that it is important to reach an agreement with a company – and that is a guarantee. To not end up in the same jam, be sure to do this: We plugged in brand new tires on Sunday, November 7th. My dad brought the car back and everything seemed to be in order. Today, November 8, while I was driving the vehicle, the right rear tire was flat. I was forced to pull and call a tow truck, the charges I had towed to the Sears Auto Center. When I told them about the problem, they first said it was a breakdown, and they said that if it did, we would charge a fee. About an hour later, while they were waiting for the mechanic, they said the rim was curved. That it could not have happened at the car centre and that we were responsible for it.

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