Chris Spittles

Photographing a Purple Heron on the shore of the Zambezi river in Zambia

My name is Chris Spittles, I live in the West Midlands which is smack bang in the middle of the United Kingdom.

My passions are Photography and anything to do with the natural world! I also enjoy web design and pretty much anything design orientated.
As for my career; i’m an application designer! I build web and desktop software user interfaces; a bit of a departure from photography but I enjoy it and it pays for photographic equipment!

This site is a portfolio of sorts, it contains some of the work i’ve created and some of the photos I have taken over the years and I hope it to be more than that in the future as I create new sections for tutorials and the sharing of knowledge.

If you’ve got any tips or tricks, criticisms or feedback please pass them on as I’m always keen to learn more.