Polzeath Sunset – Cornwall

I don’t visit Cornwall often enough. Its one of those places that I really enjoy visiting when I’m there but its the 3.5 hour drive, the west country outsider tax (slap 25% onto all prices – 40% if you are carrying a camera or wearing shorts in April)  and how busy it is if you go at peak times.

That said my last visit happened in the off-peak times; the roads were quiet – the small lanes between the towns uncongested and free from angry tourists, the tacky amusement arcades and mini vegas-like establishments were all blissfully closed and the whole place slumbered peacefully in anticipation of the busy summer to come.

My wife and I were only there for a few days so we made the most of it and although the sky was reluctant to yield any color, on the 3rd evening it finally did (although you never would have guessed it) and this was one of the shots I took.

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