Opseu Collective Agreement Pho

OpsEU regularly receives applications from members covered by collective agreements across the province to obtain copies of their central contract. The following six links provide easy access and allow you to download a copy of your collective agreement in Adobe format. You can also contact your staff representative or the nearest regional office to get a copy of your collective agreement. Here is a list of all the regional offices. The site receives seniority lists from the human resources department once a year, as is the case with our collective agreement of ministers. These lists are shared with the annual local at the end of January, and … OPSEU represents workers in too many collective agreement units to provide copies of collective agreements to individual employers on the site. If you can`t find your collective agreement on this page, you can search for it in our private sector – the membership portal. Please log on to the members` portal to verify that your collective agreement has been published for you.

All faculties: their starting salary is based on a defined formula, defined in the collective agreement. 2015-2017 OPSEU Central – Unified Agreement (final) 2018-2021 OPS Unified Extension Agreement Pay Plan 2017-2021 Unified Full-Time-Faculty: the SWF describes your workload for the term. . Municipal Property Assessment Corporation January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2022 MPAC Collective Agreement.pdf your collective agreement is a legally binding contract that ensures that your employer consults with you by working together to find solutions to issues that affect the terms of your employment. It protects your wages, your working conditions, job security and much more. Your collective agreement means that your workplace is governed with transparency and fairness. Read our latest issue of Newsbreak (November 2020): Last issues of last year: June 2020 February 2020 November 2019 October 2019 April 2019 February 2019 Archived editions also available (PDF): Liquor Liquor Control Board of Ontario April 1-2017 -_March 31 2021 LCBO Collective Agreement .pdf Hospital Professionals Division Central Provisions 2019-2022 HPD Central Agreement Ontario Public Service January 1, 2015-31. December, 2017 Faculty of Contracts: learn more about the underloads register. The deadline to report your interest in the 2021 calendar year is October 30, 2020! Colleges of Applied Arts – Technology – Academic 2017-2021 Academic Collective Agreement.pdf represents professors, librarians and advisors at Humber College.

The Local is concerned about the issues of equity regarding student comments (SFQs), especially with SFQ have been reported online, and how they have an influence on … Read the latest Updates from the Union/Management subcommittee on return-to-campus plans. Office of the Ombudsman – French Language Services Unit . Public Health Ontario Collective Agreement 2018.pdf Choose below your bargaining unit to view your collective agreement and a series of helpful guides and fact sheets on your rights and rights. 2018-2021 OPSEU Corrections Collectives Agreement (Final).

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