Okavango Sunset

Having just returned from a boat trip through the floating papyrus mats in the Sandibe game reserve in the Okavango Delta, the sun was already beginning to set.

While we were out, there had been a storm on one horizon; black cloud punctuated by lightning, while behind us on the other horizon it was crystal clear and bright brilliant sunshine. This combination made for exciting sunset possibilities. As soon as we were back on shore, I ran back to our lodge and climbed up on to our raised terrace which juts out over the delta and what happened for the next 20 minutes was simply amazing; minute by minute the black cloud from the storm started taking on a hint of colour, the edges on the underside of the cloud becoming highlighted until the angle of the sun sank low enough to bath the entire sky in bright red hues which in turn turned the whole world red.

I had never before seen a sunset like it.

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