North Carolina Ach Credit Payment Method Authorization Agreement

Third invoiceIf an agency or external organization agrees to offer a financial guarantee sponsorship for a student, please send the billing authorization on the sponsor`s header, order or assistance form to: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Cashiers and Student Accounts Office, Third Party Billing, PO Box 26171, Greensboro, NC 27402 or by fax at 336-334-4178. WebCheck payments will be immediately recorded in the student account, but can take up to 5 business days to delete your bank account. Guilford County is pleased to offer direct deposits to suppliers. The process means that as a lender, you can choose the option to receive your invoices via ACH (Automated Clearing House). Our payment to you will be paid directly into an account that you have indicated on the direct payment authorization form. We hope you will find this process beneficial, as payments will be received earlier than with our current cheque process. Many banks offer a debit card account that can be used for direct deposit of family allowances. Some banks have another name for debit card accounts. This service allows you to withdraw child care through an ATM after it has been dropped off. A debit card account may be cheaper than a current account. After setting up this account with your bank, you can sign up for direct deposit via the authorization form. Instead of putting a blank cheque, please ask your bank to attach some form of verification of your debit card account number and bank transit number.

Effective in fiscal year 2012/2013, a change in the methodology was adopted to obtain approvals for the application of the Title IV grant. In previous years, THE UNCG Financial Assistance Office has included approval as part of the financial assistance process. That is no longer the case. Students must complete both sections of the Electronic Title IV authorization form to authorize the Title IV application to pay a fee other than tuition, room and meals and/or advance fees of up to $200. Fees that cannot be paid for the use of Title IV assistance without the consideration authorization include parking cards, bookstore fees, health insurance premiums, and other fines and fees.

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