Mitigation Agreement Deutsch

Economic instruments can be useful in designing measures to combat climate change. [46] The removal of fossil fuel subsidies is very important, but it must be carefully implemented to prevent the poor from becoming poor. [47] The IPCC`s fifth report points out that behaviour, lifestyle and cultural change have a strong mitigation potential in some areas, particularly when it comes to complementing technological and structural changes. [109]:20 examples would be the warming of a space less or less driving. In general, higher consumption patterns have a greater environmental impact. Emissions sources are also highly unevenly distributed, with 45% of emissions coming from the lifestyle of only 10% of the world`s population. [110] Several scientific studies have shown that relatively wealthy people, when they want to reduce their carbon footprint, want to take some key measures. B, such as car-free living (2.4 tonnes of CO2), prevention of transatlantic flight (1.6 tonnes) and plant food (0.8 tonnes). [111] Agriculture will contribute to the 2030 target of a decrease of 31 to 34% (compared to 1990). These include a significant reduction in ionizing gas emissions due to overfertilization. In addition, the Federal Government in Brussels intends to work towards aligning EU agricultural subsidies with EU climate policy decisions.

Mitigation potential is generally limited in the agricultural sector. The federal government will work with the federal states to ensure full implementation and consistent implementation of fertilizer legislation, in particular fertilizer regulations and good nutrient management practices regulations on farms, to ensure that the target of Germany`s 70 kg/n/ha sustainable development strategy is achieved between 2028 and 2032. If this information is visible inside and outside the company, unexpected events can be assessed quickly and risk reduction plans can be quickly developed and implemented. Mitigation scenarios in the literature are more varied than the strength levels of SSPs and CPRs. They have been used, for example, to study the individual role of technologies and sectors in mitigating climate change, by modifying the availability of technology or technological costs for sensitivity analysis (limited technological scenarios).

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