Material Agreement Definition

Some examples of essential conditions are the purchase prices of real estate, the volume of work of a contractor and/or the quantity of materials sold. For a provision to be a “material” term, courts will often consider the dictionary definition of “material” as the basis for their analysis. Black`s Law Dictionary defines the material as: “In such a way that knowledge of the object would affect a person`s decision-making; significant; Essential.┬áIn applying this definition, Florida Courts will consider whether a reasonable part of the agreement would consider the provision so important that a change to that provision would alter the buyer`s decision to enter into the contract as a whole. In that decision, the courts will consider the provision itself and the overall nature of the agreement. The new securities and exchange commission Form 8-K rules, which came into effect on August 23, 2004 (available in, require that an updated report on Form 8-K be submitted within four business days of the entry (or termination) date of a substantial final contract that is not properly concluded. In our securities update entitled “Revised Form 8-K” of April 5, 2004 (available on, you will find a more complete explanation of the full changes required by the new Form 8-Rules K. Given that the deadline for notification of an essential final agreement is now so short, it is important that the competent people in a rapporteur`s company understand in advance what a material contract may be, so that they can notify those responsible for the disclosure. Increased sensitivity within the organization to the security parameters of the contractual essentials will improve a company`s ability to meet new reporting obligations in a timely manner and will help ensure the effectiveness of the company`s controls and disclosure procedures in accordance with Rule 13a-15, as amended by the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. In determining whether an infringement is essential, the following factors are taken into account: no director is interested in a material contract entered into by the company. “The buyer knew that the manufacturer had entered into a number of materials contracts with suppliers.” As noted above, Section 601, point b) (10) of Regulation S-K, which is included in the instructions on Form 8-K, treats asset sales contracts as essential contracts when the consideration exceeds 15% of the Company`s assets on a consolidated basis. This is the only digital test specifically mentioned in Form 8-Rules K that deals with notification of hardware contracts.

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