Marital Status Agreement

The parties married to [DATE]. However, due to some insurmountable differences, the parties decided to separate on [DATE]. At present, the parties are separated and both the man and the woman want to express their agreement on their rights and duties. A marriage pact is a contract between the parties before and in contemplation of their marriage. These agreements generally include provisions for asset allocation, maintenance and other financial arrangements such as trusts and corporate holdings in the event of divorce. In Georgia, for example, marriage was recognized under the common law until January 1, 1997. If you and your spouse became a common law couple before that date, Georgia would still recognize your legal status. In addition to marriage contracts other than separation agreements, asset and liability sharing conditions, real estate and personal businesses, as well as personal investments and finances. The couple decides which assets are shared and which assets remain separated. Apart from separation agreements, other post-marriage agreements are less common. There is no specific legislation governing such agreements and Hong Kong courts generally do not recognize them as legally binding. However, it is doubtful that there is nothing that prohibits the courts from considering such agreements when a couple needs a court decision on the division of real estate and other exemptions in their divorce proceedings, if it takes into account the factors mentioned in Section 7 of the MPPO, which requires the court “to take into account the conduct of the parties and all circumstances.” A roommate contract includes individual responsibilities, rents and sharing of utilities or bills. The agreement can protect you from conflict by providing clauses for things such as rest periods, guest allowances and personal wealth restrictions.

Each of these agreements can normally be applied by both spouses. However, agreements are sometimes challenged and a court may decide that the agreement is invalid, because its provisions are not fair and proportionate at the time of the agreement or because the provisions are unacceptable at the time of the divorce judgment. An unacceptable agreement was defined as an agreement that no one would make on the one hand, in his mind and in a misleading way, and that no honest and just man would accept on the other, so that the Court of Justice has a lot of freedom to decide, which is unacceptable. There are many different relationship statutes and everyone can influence your legal responsibilities in different ways. The rights you have with respect to your personal wealth may vary depending on your legal status. Alimony is a payment made by a higher-income spouse to the other spouse for a period after the end of the marriage.

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