Magento 2 Remove Billing Agreements

There are many ways to achieve this (1) with a free third-party module, i.e. or (2) with layout.xml Create a new module but it`s not complicated at all. Just select the links you want to remove. 2. Then open the vendor-magento-module-customer-view.frontend.layout folder. Note: The above code will help you remove links and the tag remove”output is shown for deleted links and does not appear. I help you remove unnecessary customer account links in Magento 2 to manage the “My Account” section. By implementing your shop, you make sure customers can easily navigate and find the exact things they want. Improve the customer experience and offer a user-friendly customer account dashboard for Magento 2! If you add up the module PayPal, you can see this link definition from the customer_account.xml file, create a new XML file to delete a link I searched and searched for, but I can`t find out. How do I remove external links from the customer dashboard? (z.B. Newsletter, billing contracts and downloadable products) Only, you must use one day to remove the additional links from my account. By default, Magento displays a huge list of customer account links on the Customer Account page.

If your business is based differently from other companies and does not support newsletter subscriptions, this is not necessary in the list of links displayed on the customer account page. And it is often necessary to customize all standard links, because there is no specific requirement for all links displayed on the customer account page. There is some kind of requirement to remove certain links that are useless to customers. To remove customer links, we offer Aureate Labs a few quick steps to get rid of unnecessary links: nav.account-nav li.nav.item a [href-“billing_agreement”] With standard behavior, Magento provides and displays a long list of links on the customer account page. Sometimes we have to adjust this inclusion by default, because not all links are required. Often it is necessary to remove some links, for example, My product evaluations or billing agreements. We`ve been in the same trouble, but we`ve found the extension that helped us remove customer links The link we`ve removed with tag remove”true will no longer be displayed on your “my account page.” You can delete any customer account browsing link. Therefore, if you want to hide the “Subscription newsletter” link, use the .

That`s all for removing unwanted links from customer account browsing. Although it is a very simple practice to follow if you are stuck somewhere in between, you can reach us freely by making the comment below. We`ll be happy to ask you your questions. Step 3: Now just delete the cache and check the My account page, the links are deleted. Refer to this link again –… “Billing Agreements” link tab to remove from the sidebar of the customer account with Magento 2. You can do the same, wish list or any other link you want to remove. Just display the item with a selector, as explained here: block used to display Billing Link, customer-account-navigation-billing-agreements-link, you can implement this method to remove unnecessary tabs in Magento 2.

For example, if you don`t offer a newsletter, completely remove the subscription link from the newsletter. You can remove billing agreements from the link using the file customer_account.xml at your design or module level.

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