Land Claims Agreements Canada

Aboriginal groups that have signed interim self-management tax funding agreements that are subject to a ministerial mandate. Historical treaties have dealt with only a portion of Aboriginal rights on land across Canada. Negotiations on land and resources are still ongoing in parts of the country where treaties have never been signed. To date, 26 modern treaties have been concluded between the Crown and Aboriginal peoples, covering more than 40 per cent of Canada`s land mass. Contracts provide a framework for cohabitation and sharing of traditionally occupied land. These agreements form the basis of ongoing cooperation and partnership, as we work together to advance reconciliation. For payments to other levels of government, the frequency of payments is consistent with final agreements and related implementation documents. Global agreements on land rights and self-management agreements (so-called “modern contracts”) are based on two federal government directives: the general policy of national law (1986); and the Canadian government`s approach to implementing the intrinsic right and negotiating Aboriginal autonomy (1995) – the defence policy of the inherent (The Government of Canada generally settles specific demands by negotiating with the band government for financial compensation for the infringement and, in return, requires the cancellation of the first nation`s rights over the country concerned. [8] One-time and ongoing initiatives and projects related to the implementation of negotiated final agreements, implementation agreements and interim or final funding agreements. Check out modern treaties – Comprehensive land requirements and self-management agreements to learn more about modern treaties that are in place across Canada and to browse the Aboriginal and contract rights information system to learn more about each agreement, including the full text of the agreement and summary information. Use the name of the indigenous group, the name of the contract or another term as a “keyword” password, then click on the title Contracts and Agreements above the search area to find the associated records.

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