Kentucky Physician Assistant Supervision Agreement

Services that are performed in one place, separated from the supervisory physician – not separated from the supervising physician – non-representative location – definition and exceptions physician assistants may prescribe and administer certain medications. The supervisory physician may delegate to the physician`s assistant the authority to prescribe and administer “all legendary drugs and undated medical devices” and to “request, receive and distribute” sample drugs. [8] The supervisory physician is responsible for the lack of prescribing or dispensing of substances regulated by the medical assistant. [9] While medical workers may prescribe and administer certain medications, they are not authorized to distribute drugs or to distribute unsamped drugs. [10] Administrative Provisions – Medical Advice – Medical assistance students who care for doctors must continue to monitor the activity of the medical assistant, since the attending physician is legally responsible for the negligence of his medical assistant. In the execution of medical care and procedures, the medical assistant is the physician`s means of supervision. [13] Under Kentucky law, a client – here the supervisor – is responsible for the agent`s negligence, because the client is empowered to control the method and details of the agent`s work. [14] As a result, the attending physician must and is legally obliged to provide the medical assistant with medical tasks corresponding to the kbml accreditation and the level of training, experience and comfort of the medical assistant. [15] The two amendments that came into effect on June 1, 2014 do not change this commitment. Physician`s Admission – Requirements – Application – Number of Assistants – Practice Limitation and Monitoring At first, the physician`s duty to monitor and sign medical assistance records was reduced.

Prior to June 1, 2014, treating physicians were required to sign all service documents provided by a medical assistant to confirm that the medical assistant was providing the services as a delegated collaborator. However, treating physicians can only verify and contrast medical notes written by medical assistants to the extent necessary to “guarantee the quality of care”. [16] The law leaves the number of notes to be checked at the discretion of the treating physician, but the physician must check at least 10 per cent of the medical notes written by the medical assistant over each 30-day period. Medical assistants should play an increasingly important role in health care.

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