Fixed Term Agreements New Zealand

The fact that a worker is put on a temporary agreement to test the employer, to test the worker, his performance or his adjustment to the company is a major “no”. While this reason may seem obvious, other reasons are not. For example, some employers mistakenly think they can use a temporary contract because the industry is unpredictable or the workflow is unknown. It is understandable that the employer does not want to attach himself to the worker if he does not need it after a mandate. However, this is not considered a real reason. If, after a certain period of time, the company is unable to maintain that person`s employment, an employer must initiate a process that may dismiss that role. Many fixed-term contracts are not valid. Under section 66 of the Employment Relations Act 2000, the employer must have a special reason for a fixed-term contract. An example of a valid specific reason would be that your employer won a tender for the sale of ice cream in Mission Bay from December 1 to February 28 and wants to employ you for this temporary three-month period. PhD students who attend the University of Otago have the opportunity to develop their academic knowledge and experience. Staff must perform supervised teaching and research duties in addition to their doctoral studies. The parties agree that it is important that the department is able to continue to offer this possibility to successive doctoral students so that they also have the opportunity to acquire this experience.

Accordingly, the worker`s employment is temporary and ends on [z.B. the expected closing date of the promotion (this is the end date of this Agreement). For the same reason, the parties agree that this agreement will terminate earlier and with notice if the worker ceases to be a student. Temporary and casual employees can be a great way to get the help you need while remaining flexible. It is really important to spend time thinking about the need for a fixed-term agreement, the reasons that support a fixed-term job and then checking whether these reasons are properly explained in the employment contract. . . .

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