Electronic Signatures For Employment Agreements

[1] By William E. Hannum III, Co-Managing Partner, Schwartz Hannum PC. The author practices labour and labour law and represents management. For more information about the author, please visit the firm`s website at www.shpclaw.com. The law equates electronic signatures and recordings with their counterparts in feathers and inks. In other words, the law provides that a contract cannot be denied legal effect solely because it is in electronic form or because it bears an electronic signature. In addition, the applicability of an electronic contract is assessed under the physical law of existing contracts, as would any other contract. The E-Sign Act [2] thus creates the necessary conditions for the transition to a paperless staff office. If the law imposes the written form – that is, a handwritten signature – it can be replaced, if at all, by the qualified electronic signature, since only the qualified electronic signature meets the requirements of the electronic form provided by Section 126a of the Civil Code. Unless otherwise stated in the law, electronic form is the only alternative to the written form authorized by law. Interim agencies will be able to use the immediacy of the electronic signing process and thus be more responsive in the search and recruitment of temporary workers for their clients. A signature tracking dashboard also provides an overview of all contracts awaiting signature validation and verification.

One of the main benefits for all parties is time savings and reduced administrative burden. For potential employees, fast and convenient online employment, based on personal planning, allows you to choose a job without even having to go to a job interview. In the meantime, the platform allows employers to immediately see all potential candidates and evaluations of their former employers. Plus, it`s convenient to manage everything in one place. The electronic signing of the employment contract not only allows you to digitize all your HR processes, but also greatly simplify your human resources management while making your contract processes safer. It is extremely easy to use and has a wide scope. So it`s time to take the plunge and give your business a new modern twist. Similarly, electronic signatures for one-time or longer-term needs will allow professionals to be hired much more quickly, taking into account the protocol and legal value of traditional transfer contracts.

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