Collective Agreement For The Construction And Civil Engineering Sectors

We offer legal advice to members of the Danish Construction Association, particularly in the areas of construction law, public procurement law and competition law. Our role is to ensure that as a member you have the best possible conditions to run your business – and that you are informed of the rules and regulations in this area. Minimum hourly wages from May 1, 2020 to the selected collective agreement: nearly 400 pages of OHS rules and guidelines. Work environment for construction and construction – English The following collective agreements are translated. Translated agreements will be available online in early June 2020 and 4 to 6 weeks after the print online publication: influence on tender specifications, including subsidized and subsidized state-subsidized construction There are common problems in agreements that come into force in all collective agreements with identical content. In addition, the inter-professional agreement provides only for changes to the collective agreement for a particular sector. The common issues contained in all the agreements are explained here. Changes to contracts for different sectors are explained in sector documents. For flu absences that last no more than 3 days, a self-reporting procedure must be agreed in companies.

The parties are not in a position to agree that a medical certificate must always be presented as proof of defect. The agreement should be written down. The legal division keeps you up to date with the multitude of tender specifications involving members of the Danish Construction Association. As an organisation, the Danish Construction Association can file a complaint with the Public Procurement Appeals Authority (Klagenvnet for Udbud) and we deal with both violations of public procurement rules and exceptions to ab 92 and 18 in subsidized and subsidized works, including subsidized housing (AB 92 General conditions for the provision of housing and supplies in the construction and engineering sector). , 1992 and AB 18: Terms and Conditions for Work and Supplies, 2018). The Danish Construction Federation (DI Dansk Byggeri) is an independent business organisation within the Danish Industries Association (IDE), which comprises about 5,700 contractors and manufacturing companies in the construction sector in Denmark. Personalized advice: Get help from lawyers, economists and construction technicians. Byg Garanti: Your work for individuals is covered by Byg Garanti, which gives customers a sense of security. Coverage of collective agreements: your company is covered by a collective agreement and receives, among other things, labour law advice.

Discount agreements: Sales agreements offer discounts for each member.

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