Cb Subscription Agreement

10.2. Duration of acquired services. The subscription conditions are indicated in a corresponding order form. The subscription conditions automatically extend with additional subscription periods corresponding to the duration of the subscription, unless one of the parties informs in writing at least ninety (90) days before the end of the subscription term. The prices of a license during an extension period may increase by up to 7% (7%) compared to the prices in effect during the previous subscription period, unless licensor informs the licensee of a price difference at least thirty (30) days before the current extension period. Unless expressly stated in a corresponding order form, the renewal of advertising or unique licenses may be offered at the specified list price valid at the time of extension. 4.3. Outstanding Fees. If, on the due date, royalties are not collected by licensee, Licensor (a) may be in arrears from the date of payment, and/or (b) Licensor may make future subscription renewals and order forms subject to shorter payment terms than those set out in Section 4.2 (billing and payment). 12.7. Global Agreement. This Agreement, including all order forms, represents the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior or simultaneous agreements, proposals or assurances, in writing or orally, with respect to their subject matter. No modification, modification, modification or waiver of any provision of this Agreement is effective unless it is signed or accepted electronically in writing and by the party against whom the modification, supplement or waiver is to be invoked.

However, in the event of any opposition or inconsistency between the provisions of this agreement and an order form, the conditions of this agreement take precedence, unless expressly stated in the order form. Notwithstanding the terms to the contrary in this Agreement, no conditions set forth in the Order or other procurement documents of the Licensee may be included in this Agreement or form part of this Agreement, and all such conditions are null and void. .

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