Calliach Point

After spending two evenings slogging around Caliach point on the Isle of Mull trying to find the perfect place to take sunset photos, I found a natural rock formation that was only visible when the tide went out and when it did left perfectly crystal clear rock pools. The problem was, it was at the bottom of a 50ft cliff!

The first night I parked at Sunipol and slogged with all my gear to Caliach point which is a 3 mile round trip which I didn’t mind but when you have bulls chasing you and bogs trying to absorb your feet, it makes it a little more arduous.

The first night didn’t yield much in the way of a sunset but on my way back to the car I spoke to the farmer nearby and he said it was alright to park my car at his farm which was very kind of him and saved my legs a little.

I was so pleased with the spot I found I went back a second time. The tide was just going out and the atmospheric conditions were perfect. I spent over an hour taking shots around these exposed pools that were perfectly smooth and reflected the light perfectly and took a series of shots I am really pleased with.

I used a Lee Circ Polorizar, and a cokin ND8 Grad filter for this.

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