Agreement Of Yalta Conference

b) those of the associated nations that declared war on the common enemy until March 1, 1945. (To this end, the eight associated nations and Turkey have been referred to as “associated nations.”) When the World Organization conference takes place, delegates from the United Kingdom and the United States of America will support a proposal to admit two Soviet socialist republics, namely Ukraine and Belarus, to initial membership. The agreement calls on the signatories to “deliberate together on the measures necessary to fulfil the common responsibilities defined in this declaration.” During the discussions on Yalta, Molotov added language that weakens the implication of the application of the declaration. [19] At that time, the Soviet army had occupied Poland entirely and held much of Eastern Europe with a military power three times greater than allied forces in the West. [Citation required] The declaration of the liberated Europe has little to do to dispel the sphere of influence of the agreements that had been incorporated into ceasefire agreements. Allied leaders came to Yalta because they knew that an Allies` victory in Europe was almost inevitable, but they were less convinced that the Pacific War was coming to an end. Recognizing that a victory over Japan might require a long-term struggle, the United States and Britain saw a great strategic advantage for Soviet participation in peaceful theatre. At Yalta, Roosevelt and Churchill discussed with Stalin the conditions under which the Soviet Union would go to war with Japan, and all three agreed that the Soviets should have a sphere of influence in Manchuria in exchange for a potentially decisive Soviet participation in the Pacific theatre after Japan`s surrender. These include the southern part of Sachalin, a lease in Port Arthur (now Thehukou), part of the manchury and Kuril Islands. This agreement was the main concrete achievement of the Yalta conference. The Conference agreed that the issue of major war criminals should be investigated by the three foreign ministers in order to report, when the time comes, after the conference closes.

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