Acer Limited Warranty Agreement

Please call your nearest Acer health centre (hotline: 1-800-88-1918; Voice:8026 6226) or email us at: one-year limited warranty on the projector with 90 days on the bulb. Acer will only use the warranty by repairing and/or replacing parts. If spare parts are used for repairs, these parts can be rearranged or redeveloped. If it is necessary to replace the entire system, it will be replaced by an outdated system. Defective parts become the hallmarks of Acer Philippines Inc. Two-year limited warranty for the following models: E1-472P-6860, E1-532P-4471, R3-471T-59UL and V3-772G-9460 Acer ensures that its product is free of malfunctions and defects in materials and processing based on the date of purchase. If the purchase date is not set, the warranty starts on the date visible on the Acer warranty sticker. Consumer (Predator – Manufactured before 2019)-Please refer to the warranty card provided with your device. 11.

End-users are responsible for backing up (save) all programs, applications, data and removable media before maintenance. Please note that Acer may choose to replace the warranty system with a recycled product of the same quality, so that any information stored by the end user on the original system may be permanently inaccessible. Do you need extra help or do you have good suggestions? 1. APHI only takes into account the local warranty for units released and purchased in the Philippines. Units purchased outside the Philippines are available in the ITW Directive. Three-year limited warranty for the following models: VZ4630G-i5333X. Two-year limited warranty for the following models: S7-392-7837, S7-392-5454, SW5-171P-82B3 For a free copy of the standard warranty, end-users should see a reseller from which Acer products are sold or write to Acer America Corporation, Warranty Department, P.O. Box 6137, Temple, TX 76503. A printed copy of the tested product can be made to meet your needs. All submissions for test products must be accompanied by a cheque from RM100.00, which is a processing and verification fee. For more information, please contact acer Care Centre at the emergency number: 1-800-88-1918; Language address:8026 6226 or e-mail or visit your nearest Acer customer service centre. All Acer products carry the standard one-year parts and service warranty.

The consumer has legal rights under the current legislation regarding the sale of consumer goods and this guarantee does not exclude, limit or suspend these applicable rights, regardless of what is shown on warranty cards or other materials. All Acer health centres also have workshop facilities. These include troubleshooting, module exchange and software charging services. For a fee, call the Acer Health Centre or email us at The warranty expires if the Acer sticker is handled or missing or if the device has been maintained by unauthorized service centres or staff. The warranty period starts on the date of purchase. Your original purchase invoice (confirmation of sale) with the date of purchase of the system is proof of the date of purchase. You can register your device on our Guarantee website by logging in to Limited warranty with limited on-site service the first year for Le Veriton 4 and 3 years for Le Veriton 6. Three-year warranty for the following models: VN2620G-UD3C, VN2620G-UD39, VN2110G-UT03W, VN2110G-UT02W, VN2110G-UT01L, VN2010G-UT03POE and VN2210G-UT01L. This limited warranty applies only to manufacturing errors and does not cover damage caused by abuse, personal negligence, accidents, abrasion, extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water, normal wear or transportation (e.g. B by airlines) and defects that have only a negligible impact on the value, use or operation of the product.

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